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If you are currently a member of the Real Estate Pros organization, or would like to become a member, please review the following information to see if we may have answered any of your questions or concerns. If you do not find the answer to your question, please click here.

  1. Who is Real Estate Pros?
    We are a consumer based organization, dedicated to helping people by referring them to top professionals in the real estate industry, through the use of our Real Estate search engine and directory. The professionals in our search engine and member directory provide a variety of services that include buying or selling a home, home loans and refinancing, escrow services, home warranties, appraisals, home building, commercial properties and investments, relocation services, landscaping, home inspection, contracting services, and much more.

  2. How can Real Estate Pros help my business?
    We realize that many real estate professionals have an online presence, whether with their own personal web site, or through their company web site. We also realize that as a professional, you really don't have the time or expertise to properly market your services to the consumer in an online environment. THAT'S OUR SPECIALTY! Not only do we market your services to the consumer through our professional membership directory and search engine, but we also take the data that you submit to us and reformat it into "membership profile" pages that we share with all of the other major search engines in the internet. Once your "membership profile" pages have been accepted and indexed in the major search engines, the traffic and inquiries to your web site, or your company listing will increase. As you well know, an increase in traffic and inquiries to your web site, also means an increase in your business. If you were to hire somebody to do the same online marketing that we do for you, it would cost you on average of $2000 per year. Of course if you were to do it yourself, it would cost you many hours of your time. Real Estate Pros has spent much time and money automating our marketing and search engine processes, thus saving you time and money!

  3. How do I become a member and get listed in your search engine and directory?
    You need to be engaged full time in a real estate related business or profession. You must be a true professional who is dedicated to helping the consumer with their real estate needs and any additional services. You must also possess moral and ethical values associated with your industry, and not have any consumer complaints against your or your company. If you feel you meet this criteria, you may submit your site or your personal information for review. After verifying your credentials, you may then be accepted for membership depending upon our reviews of your web site, or your personal information.

  4. What does it cost to be listed in your professional directory?
    If you are accepted to become a member of the Real Estate Pros search engine and directory, we have several membership packages available depending upon your preferences and your budget. Our membership listings range from "FREE" on up to our elite "PLATINUM" package which includes everything a consumer would ever need to know in order to do business with you. Our monthly prices are as follows: "FREE", SILVER ($7.95), GOLD ($14.95), and PLATINUM ($19.95). To see the differences between our membership packages, you may preview them here: Member Listing Profiles

  5. What are your terms or conditions of membership?
    Since Real Estate Pros is a fee based search engine, you are billed on a monthly basis if you choose one of our silver, gold, or platinum membership levels. You are under no contracts and may cancel at any time. If you are a "FREE" or referral member, you are not charged any monthly fees, but instead opt to pay a referral fee to one of our affiliates should an inquiry come in on your behalf as a result of our promotional services. You may preview our terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions of Real Estate Pros Membership

  6. What if I don't have a web site?
    We understand that many professionals have either decided to wait, or just don't have the time to design and administer a web site on their own. Although a web site will greatly increase your chances of direct consumer contact, we do not require that you have one. If you'd like a web site constructed, we would be happy to refer you to professionals that design some of the best real estate web sites in the industry.

  7. What if I'm not a real estate agent?
    We are looking for any individual or company that is related to the real estate business. We want to list the top professionals of all real estate industries, as we have thousands of inquiries per day looking for real estate related services. This includes home builders, mortgage companies, banks, escrow companies, home inspection companies, landscaping companies, development companies, and more. If you have a business related to residential or commercial real estate services, and you deal with the consumer, you can probably qualify for inclusion in our membership directory.

  8. How do you generate traffic to your site?
    We are very highly skilled at marketing on the internet. We have patented search engine technologies that we employ to give us relevant rankings in all of the major search engines. Currently we have over 100,000 "membership profile" pages (top 10 results) indexed in many of the major search engines. We are also very adept at generating publicity for our site in the regular media through the use of press releases and media interviews. Many consumers hear about us through word-of-mouth, simply because they were treated in a professional manner by one or more of our members.

  9. How do I cancel my membership?
    In an effort to curb identity impersonation, and improve the overall quality of the Real Estate Pros organization, we ask that you please follow these instructions. If you wish to cancel your silver, gold, or platinum membership, we require a written confirmation for our records, and to also provide to your credit card company. Please click here and fill out the form stating that you would like to cancel your membership. Please provide your full name, your e-mail address, and the reason you'd like to cancel. We will provide you with an e-mail confirmation that includes your last bill date, and the date when your membership will officially expire.

  10. I'm having problems submitting my information?
    If you are logging in as a member and you receive an error, please make sure you are entering in you username and password exactly as you entered it when you signed up. All username and password fields are case sensitive. Occasionally we may experience a glitch in our database system that will give you an error or will not let you update your information. If this happens, please click here and write us with the exact error or problem. Please include your name, address, username or password, and any other relevant information so we can identify who you are and remedy the problem ASAP.

  11. How do I upgrade my membership status?
    If you have a silver or a gold listing and would like to upgrade your membership status, please click here and send us your name and account information, along with your upgrade instructions. We will upgrade you immediately and include you in the next billing cycle. If you are a "FREE" listing and would like to upgrade to a silver, gold, or platinum status, you will need to go here: member login. You will need to enter in your username and password to upgrade your membership. You will select the "upgrade membership" button. You will then be taken to a page displaying the different member types. Select the member type you wish to upgrade to. You will then be taken to a "128 bit encrypted" secure page and asked for your billing information.

  12. How do I display the Real Estate Pros "TOP 10%" award on my site?
    Once you sign up for membership in the Real Estate Pros organization, you are allowed to display our "TOP 10%" award logo on your web site. If you built your own web site, then all you have to do is "cut and paste" the award logo text into your index page of your web site. If your site was developed by a web design firm, then we suggest you forward the award text to your webmaster and ask them to place it on your front page. Special note: Many of our members have database driven web sites that provide you with a "manager section" that allows you to make changes or update you information yourself. Some of these sites do not allow you enough text area to apply our award logo. If this is the case in your situation, please contact the webmaster of your site and request more text characters. If you lost your award code, please copy and paste the below text exactly the way it is displayed into your web site:

    <!--BEGIN REAL ESTATE PROS AWARD CODE --> <center> <FONT COLOR="#000063" FACE="GENEVA, ARIAL, HELVETICA" size="2"> <TABLE WIDTH=200 BGCOLOR="#000063" TABLE BORDERCOLOR="#000063" BORDER="1" CELLPADDING=2 CELLSPACING=1><TR> <TD WIDTH="30%" ALIGN=CENTER BGCOLOR="#000063"><A HREF="" TARGET="_TOP"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=56 HEIGHT=75 BORDER="0" ALT="top 10% award"></A></TD><TD WIDTH="70%" ALIGN=CENTER BGCOLOR="#ffce31"><FONT COLOR="#000063" FACE="GENEVA, ARIAL, HELVETICA" size="1">Awarded Top 10% in the Nation for Consumer Satisfaction by the Internet Consumer Group<br><A HREF="" TARGET="_TOP"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=55 HEIGHT=19 BORDER="0" VSPACE=3 ALT="more info"></A></FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </FONT> </center> <!-- END REAL ESTATE PROS AWARD CODE -->

    top 10% award Awarded Top 10% in the Nation for Consumer Satisfaction by the Internet Consumer Group
    more info

  13. How do I submit my photos and logo?
    If you are a gold or platinum member, you may send your logo (gold membership) and your photo and logo (platinum membership) either by postal mail or by e-mail as an attachment. Or you may direct us to a web page where we may copy and paste the files into your membership listing. Once we receive your logo (gold membership) or your logo and photo (platinum membership) we will scan and crop to our specs.

    If sending by e-mail, please send photo and logo as an attachment to the following address: pictures (at) Please be sure to include your name, e-mail address, or account number so we can identify who you are:

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